TaiBrows’ mission is to provide its clients with relief from the uncomfortable monotony of traditional makeup through individualized aesthetic creations that boost self-confidence and grant effortless lifestyles, while remaining true to one’s authentic definition of beauty.

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From the collective experiences from my clients and myself, I firmly believe that semi-permanent makeup has changed my life and the lives of many others that have chosen me as their artist. With 8 years of experience and counting, I am excited to continue building and expanding this incredible opportunity that the universe has gifted me with as I pursue my passions, master my talents, and aid others in their most authentic expression through aesthetics. My goal is to make the world feel like a genuinely beautiful place, both inside and out.


My fascination with makeup began at a middle school girls sleepover, where an older classmate applied eyeliner on me for the first time. From that point on, I was hooked! Through consistent practice, I mastered various techniques, from liquid cat eye and cut crease with funky colors, to expanding my look by rocking over-plucked brows (hey, it was the 90s!), and enhancing my lips with a variety of nude or colored shades. Shortly after, I created a small business during my high school and college years, providing makeup application services to friends’ school pictures, quincineras, bat mitzvahs, graduation photos, etc.


I have always thought to myself that I could wear my own eyeliner and full brows every day for the rest of my life. It’s just who I am! However, like many folks who wear makeup, I faced several drawbacks to daily makeup application. My very reactive hormonal skin could never quite take to foundation – it often made my skin worse! Application was very time consuming, and I felt the need to apply it before trivial events like the gym, going out in any public setting, or before my partner would wake up, because I would always think that they wouldn’t like me without my eyebrows. Plus, who doesn’t struggle with feeling confident at the beach or the pool when their makeup is bound to swim away?


Alas! I never muted my self-expression despite the obstacles I faced through my relationship with makeup. My struggles, if anything, helped mold my beauty ethics, and fueled my journey into providing semi-permanent makeup services to my community. As a business owner with a glowing, entrepreneurial spirit, I always pursued my passions in the arts and pushed the limits of my self-expression through body art, symbolic tattoos, piercings, and mermaid hair. When I saw an ad for permanent makeup, I instantly knew it was my calling. I have spent years cultivating a surgeon-steady hand with liquid cat eyes, and I was prepared to change lives! I began my licensing program, and theory and practical application training in 2015, and opened up my first studio at the beginning of 2016. I continued to study and apprentice under some of the worlds most renowned artists throughout my career. I can proudly announce that I am a product of my own industry and have a full face of permanent makeup: brows, liner, lips.



Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) Board for Barbers and cosmetology permanent Cosmetic Tattooer License since 2016

The Esthetic Institute - certificate of completion 90 hours of Practical Instruction in theory in Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos 2015

Continuing Education

Golden Brows Beverly Hill's Academy (60hrs)
- Ombre Brow Machine technique
- Combination Brow Workshop
- Eyeliner Training
- Lip Enhancement Tattoo
- Manual Tattoo: Microblading
- Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening

America The beautiful PMU Conference Los Angeles, California 2018 (22hrs)

America The Beautiful PMU Conference Las Vegas, Nevada 2019 (22hrs)

Dermapro Fibroblast Skin Tightening Program 2018

American Red Cross (Training certification updated yearly since 2016)
- Adult First Aid/ CPR/ AED - Bloodborne Pathogens Training For Tattoo Artists

A.R.T. School Ink Virtual Academy, 2023 (375Hrs)
- Breast surgeries, Healing tattoos
- Body art fundamentals for paramedical
- Healing Tattoos "Sacred Space"
- Hyper Realism NAC
- Medical Mastery
-Tattooing Scars


Pre Care Instructions

Pre Care Prep – Report anything listed

Skin Care Prep (2-8 weeks)
Discontinue use of
Retinol, Tretinoin,
Glycolic Acid
Salicylic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid
Oral or Topical Vitamin A, E, & C
Recent Injectables: Botox or Fillers
Use daily SPF to avoid sun damage pre careAvoid sunlight post care
Do not wax, tweeze, have electrolysis, chemical or laser peels
Avoid Saunas, stream rooms and exercise, swimming
Chemical irritants and fragrances
NO makeup on the area of treatment during healing, change you pillow case!
Do not PICK or scrub treated area
Avoid for 2-7 days prior
Anti coagulants & blood thinners:
Ibuprofen , Aspirin, Tylenol , Niacin, Fish Oil, Coumadin,
Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen, Vitamin B6, Turmeric, Plavix ect.
Stimulants: Adderall & other amphetamines
Please Report ALL prescriptions & Medications and Consult you physician
No Opiates/ Pain killers, or Antibiotics
Report : Auto Immune, insulin dependent, Hormonal, Blood Pressure, Bleeding disorder Mood & Sleeping Disorder etc,
Under going Chemo therapy must have clearance
Discontinue Lattise & other growth stimulants ( 1 month and up to 3mo)
Do not wear contacts during procedure
And for 5 days post healing
Lash extensions removed 2 weeks prior
No glamocma medications
Avoid excessively Dry, scabbing, cuts or open sores
If you have history of fever blisters, Herpes simplex you must contact your physician
or take the proper medication to prevent out breaks for 4 days before and after procedure
Not A candidate if you are
Pregnant, nursing,
active skin disorders,
Keloid formation
Accutane (6 mo-1 year)
Any active Symptoms of cold/flue/illness
Be aware that having procedures during your menstrual cycle can make you hyper sensitive at the procedure site
Get a good nights sleep, bring Snacks, and have a hearty high protein breakfast!
All Permanent cosmetic procedures are multi- session processes Touch up visits are scheduled in 4-6 week and up to 3 month intervals

“Permanent Solutions Made Easy.”