Your questions answered

***Clients must not be nursing or pregnant***

***Failure to acknowledge any of the listed contraindications, or any other potential medical risks, prior to your appointment will result in a cancellation fee.***

Microblading, also known as micropigmentation, eyebrow embroidery, or feathering is the method of using micro needles to implant ink into the outer layer of the skin. Though some artists choose to use a tattoo machine, the majority of microblading is done manually, using a pen-shaped tool. I prefer to microblade manually because it gives my clients a more precise finish and provides more control for me over the tattooing process.

While the tattooing process takes about 20 to 30 minutes, the initial consultation and brow design process takes 2 to 3 hours.

I strongly encourage all my clients to do independant research on microblading.
Consult a dermatoligist if you easily develop keloids or have any skin sensitivity/allergies, and a physician or if you have glaucoma, take bloodthinners, diuretics, diabetes medication, or any other prescription medications that can negatively impact the process
prior to booking your appointment.
*Avoid and discontinue the following 4 weeks before and after :
* excessive sun
* facial wax
* chemical or laser peels
* Accutane, Retin-* A, Alpha Hydroxy Acid/Glycolic Acid (in some moistuizers and face washers)
Please arrive with a basic idea of your desired eyebrow design, and any questions you may have about the process. Take a look at some healed results to see how the ink reacts to your specific skin type so you have realistic expectations for results.
The consultation is where we discuss your desired eyebrow shape – this is the best time to bring pictures and share ideas! The consultation includes an aesthetic facial analysis, where I examine your face’s architecture and symmetry for common eyebrow imbalances or any other asymmetrical proportions throughout the face. This process is essential in addressing shape imbalances, and in creating a design that will produce your desired illusion of symmetry.


After the initial shaping consultation, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss your desired brow color. The spectrum of test colors range from neutral, safety colors to more bold, extroverted colors. We’ll choose between 4 to 6 potential colors, test them out on your skin, and review the fading process.


The customization process of the eyebrow shape, texture, and color is complex, so I encourage my clients to ask questions during each step!
Pain is subjective to the client, and one should expect to encounter uncomfortable moments during a tattoo procedure.
Prior to numbing, I will open the skin by poking the desgin area with the micro needle. The anestehtic is then applied and able to absorb into the blood stream more directly. Numbing occurs quickly and effectily for most.
You may experience minor swelling/redness within the first few hours of treatment. Pigment will apear dark and brows will appear thick during scabbing. As the incisions heal for the next few days, the scabs will fall off (often in patches) Pigment may seem to be excessively light or ‘dissapear’.
Pigment will resurface in a few days once your brows are fully healed.
Ointment recomended on case by case basis. Most clients heal well by dry healing (no oinment or moisture)
do not shower, sweat or wet brows for 10 days post procedure.

After the initial tattoo session, you will need to schedule touch-up appointments. On average, post treatment ranges from 1 to 4 sessions.

Because microblading is a semipermanent tattoo form, the pigment may not fully retain. Ink retention is weaker for oilier, sensitive, excessively thick or thin skin. Touch-ups are recommended every 9 months to a year for most. More frequently if client has a skin type that does not retain the pigmentation well.
*Also see procedure ‘Powderfill brow’ if microblading is not for you
Powderfill tattooing replicates the powderfill effect of makeup. Rather than drawing individual strokes, it mimics shading.
Some skin types do not yield distinct or long lasting microblading strokes. (oily, thick, thin, sensitive, hormonal / problematic / acne prone) and powderfill is a great alternative.
Others may simply enjoy the more finished look of powderfill brows. It often replaces the
need for makeup, where as microblading gives a ‘natrual’ aesthetic.